Feeling Limited by the Motability Scheme – Here’s the Missing Piece

Reliable transportation is critical when you’re trying to make the most out of life on every level. While every disability looks different depending on the person, getting from one place to another is something that we all can understand quickly. So, if you’re looking to get a car under the motability scheme, you might be feeling a bit limited. After all, most do assume that they will not be able to find a reliable vehicle that truly fits their lifestyle. Having a caregiver drive you around might get tedious, but it can also be tiresome to find a vehicle that is covered under the plan.

Thankfully, this is where Spire Automotive comes in. They have a wider catalogue of motability vehicles at the ready, including some that you might not have thought about before. If you’re thinking that you’re going to have to walk out with a car that barely seats a driver and a passenger, then it’s time to be pleasantly surprised by the options.

Did you know that when you’re eligible to take advantage of your options, you also get insurance and breakdown cover at no extra charge? It’s just one more way that your needs are handled, even when you least expect it. Continue reading “Feeling Limited by the Motability Scheme – Here’s the Missing Piece”

Trust MAN to Meet Your Custom Transport Needs

This holiday season, Santa will be out taking care of all the good boys and girls. But what about your company? Haven’t you devoted enough time and energy to taking care of your customers? Of course you have! In this cheeky video below, MAN shows a little bit of the Christmas spirit, in a unique way. We wanted to post because we’re thinking about the Christmas spirit too, but in a different way.

See, true car people are all about customisation at every turn. We want to take something and make it bigger, better, and more awesome than before. From a business standpoint, if you have transport needs, it’s time to take a closer look at how customisation could make your day to day objectives easier to meet.

MAN issued a press statement a little while ago mentioning the upcoming MAN TGE, a transporter that can be easily customized for all types of applications. For example, if your business relies on refrigerated foods, you want to be able to have transport options that would keep the food at the required temperature for the entire length of the journey. This can get tricky if there are multiple deliveries along a route, such as the case when companies deliver food directly to a customer’s home. At-home food delivery is a booming market that has a lot of growth, but it all starts with having the right infrastructure at the beginning, or being able to add it as time and resources allow.

The commercial world shows us a small glimpse into why automotive customisation will never go out of style, and we look forward to seeing how businesses use the MAN TGE line in their daily driving. The transport line is not set to be produced until Spring 2017, so actual production hasn’t occurred just yet. Let’s wait and see what happens!

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How to Drive Safely in the Winter Months

In the winter time there are more accidents on the road with confused.com reporting that as many as a quarter of all motorists have had some sort of incident in poor driving conditions during the winter.

The motoring editor at confused.com; Amanda Stretton explained that many people get tempted to drive as quickly as possible in bad weather so they can reach their destination quickly but driving fast in poor conditions is dangerous and drivers should be more careful and planning their journeys carefully first.

The report also showed that ten percent of drivers decide to stay off the roads when the conditions are poor. However, many people have to drive, as they cannot miss work or other important appointments. Northgate, who lease and rent vans have come up with some advice for those who do this. Continue reading “How to Drive Safely in the Winter Months”

Check out Inchcape’s High Tech Showroom

Technology buffs and car fans, lend us your ears: the classic showroom is getting a whole new look. Inchcape Volkswagen just launched the largest UK showroom, but save your “wow” for the end of this article. Why? The features are too good to miss. You can see it in person by heading down Capital Interchange Way in Brentford. The facility expanded enough to support 90 cars on four levels.


The inclusive service philosophy is on display here, where everything is offered in-house under one roof. From quality sales servicing to top notch repair, the 70-person-strong team is waiting to take care of customers’ needs in record time.
What’s driving all of this? According to the Director of Volkswagen UK: growth. In order to drive sales, new projects have to be part of the company’s core foundation. Continue reading “Check out Inchcape’s High Tech Showroom”

Clocked Cars, The Car Buyer’s Worst Nightmare

Despite the rise of online shopping and research, there’s a terrible scourge plaguing the car buying marketplace: clocked cars. This is where the mileage reading of the vehicle up for grabs is modified so that thousands of pounds are added to the sale price. It’s a great deal for the seller, but an obviously terrible time for the buyer. OSV LTD, a premier leasing provider, pulled back the curtain on some shocking statistics. They stated that 62% of car buyers are concerned about purchasing one of those badly modified vehicles, but only 13% of that buying group actually understands the dangers of car clocking. Over three-quarters of the buyers surveyed stated that they don’t know how to check for a clocked car.


Debbie Kirkley is the co-founder of OSV and had her own remarks to share. She mentioned that according to prevailing research, there’s one clocked car in every group of twenty cars up for sale. Those are not the type of odds that we look forward to, and she cautions buyers to be careful when they make their purchases. Continue reading “Clocked Cars, The Car Buyer’s Worst Nightmare”

Mobility-Friendly vehicles give You the Freedom You truly deserve

If you’re one of the fortunate people that have a circle of friends and family willing to take you anywhere and everywhere that you need to go, Motability probably isn’t on top of your mind right now. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people relying on public transportation, taxis, and flaky handlers to get their day to day errands taken care of. While this works for a while, there comes a point where you want to do more than just exist, living from one shopping trip to another. There’s only so many times where you can get excited about buying milk, for example.

The Motability allowance gives people the freedom to finally take their lives back through consistent, reliable transportation. Having a motability allowance is powerful, as long as you have options in terms of how to spend your allowance. You want to focus on the future, and being able to get something that’s going to serve your needs well. In addition to this concern, you want to take your allowance to a reputable place. Sadly, there are plenty of bad schemes out there that prey on the sick and disabled, which always breaks our hearts when we hear about it.


That’s why we were excited to check into Inchcape Volkswagen. They are very used to working within the framework of the Motability program, and they can give you more than just the keys to a leased vehicle. They can give you a solid place to get repairs, handle the insurance and road tax issues, address maintenance concerns, and even give you the structure to get a new vehicle every three years. Continue reading “Mobility-Friendly vehicles give You the Freedom You truly deserve”

Flex Your DIY Muscles and replace Your Car’s Radiator

Every car buff has a moment where they fall down what we like to call the DIY rabbit hole. In other words, they get so wrapped up in fixing things on their car that they feel like they can ditch the garage and do a lot of things on their own. If you’re itching for a project, you may want to consider replacing your radiator.

Here’s the deal: leaking coolant sooner or later becomes a major problem that can actually ruin that big nice engine that you just had dropped in. Most people don’t think about the radiator, until they start smelling a smoky sweet smell in the air. That’s your coolant leaking out of the vehicle, and you’re going to have to park the car and figure out what’s wrong.


Popping the bonnet will almost seem like a silly idea, because you may not see anything noticeable for a while. If you get back to your DIY spot and you need to handle the radiator, here’s what you need to do.

First and foremost, look up the radiator just to be sure you’ve got a good source in case you do have to replace it outright or just apply sealant (you know, if you get lucky to avoid the costs). We recommend Advanced Radiators, because they have just about every radiator you can think of. Not only that, but they helped found the Independent Cooling Experts Group, a national entity devoted to upholding standards across the industry. After all, it makes sense: you want to buy from a company that understands exactly what they’re selling and how important it is to maintain quality. Continue reading “Flex Your DIY Muscles and replace Your Car’s Radiator”