Staying Safe on the Roads in Winter

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s also unfortunately the time of year when driving becomes more tricky! Although getting around in winter conditions is generally more hazardous than in other seasons of the year, there are plenty of ways to ensure you have a safe driving experience.

Be aware that driving conditions are different

Simply bearing in mind that conditions are likely to be more difficult is more than most drivers will do, as many people forget that the average stopping distance will be at least 9-10 times longer than in normal, dry conditions. Keeping several car lengths away from the car in front and staying extra alert (as well as driving at a sensible speed, of course!) will pay dividends in safety benefits.

Drive in a high gear (especially when setting off)

Somewhat counter-intuitively, driving in a higher gear is generally better than a low gear in the snow. The reason for this is that when in a low gear, the average vehicle will tend to drive a lot more torque through the wheels, which when presented with icy or snowy conditions will result in a loss of traction. Driving in as high a gear as is practical will reduce this, allowing for safer departures. Continue reading “Staying Safe on the Roads in Winter”

How to keep your car running for as long as possible

Cars are very expensive investments and are subject to wear and tear in their normal usage. For the sake of your finances it is important to keep a car running for as long as possible before buying a new one. This is not difficult to do by following some simple guidelines.

Invest in a Great Car

The very first thing that it is important to do if trying to maintain a car for as long as possible is to invest in a great car to begin with. This will involve shopping around and researching which types of cars are the most prone to repairs and which types of cars are generally trustworthy and reliable.

It may also help to talk to owners of such cars and find their own personal experiences. Internet forums are a great place to find out about any problems that can affect a particular model. Do not neglect to ask the advice of car experts – they will be able to give advice on which cars will be more prone to breaking down or needing parts replacing.

car Maintenance

Many makes and models of cars have specific weak areas that are prone to damage or wear and tear. Owners clubs online hold a great wealth of information about such problems and will allow any car owner to prevent such problems on their own cars. Even if prevention is not always possible, it still helps to be prepared and anticipate the cost of repairs to any particular part.

At this stage it is important to choose a car based on its reliability and not on its looks. When looking for a car that is easy to maintain for a long period of time looks should not generally be a major consideration.

Keep up with Servicing and Maintenance

Many new cars will come with a servicing schedule and guidelines on when to replace certain parts of the engine or other parts of the car. In order to keep a car in great working order and running for as long as possible it is advisable to stick very rigidly to the owner’s manual and its suggestions on servicing and replacement of parts. Continue reading “How to keep your car running for as long as possible”

Flex Your DIY Muscles and replace Your Car’s Radiator

Every car buff has a moment where they fall down what we like to call the DIY rabbit hole. In other words, they get so wrapped up in fixing things on their car that they feel like they can ditch the garage and do a lot of things on their own. If you’re itching for a project, you may want to consider replacing your radiator.

Here’s the deal: leaking coolant sooner or later becomes a major problem that can actually ruin that big nice engine that you just had dropped in. Most people don’t think about the radiator, until they start smelling a smoky sweet smell in the air. That’s your coolant leaking out of the vehicle, and you’re going to have to park the car and figure out what’s wrong.


Popping the bonnet will almost seem like a silly idea, because you may not see anything noticeable for a while. If you get back to your DIY spot and you need to handle the radiator, here’s what you need to do.

First and foremost, look up the radiator just to be sure you’ve got a good source in case you do have to replace it outright or just apply sealant (you know, if you get lucky to avoid the costs). We recommend Advanced Radiators, because they have just about every radiator you can think of. Not only that, but they helped found the Independent Cooling Experts Group, a national entity devoted to upholding standards across the industry. After all, it makes sense: you want to buy from a company that understands exactly what they’re selling and how important it is to maintain quality. Continue reading “Flex Your DIY Muscles and replace Your Car’s Radiator”

Give Propshaft Maintenance a closer look

Propshafts. If you’re a car enthusiast, you already know that the propshaft is what helps bring the drive train to life, and therefore driving in general. It’s all about the torque, baby. But if you aren’t careful, you have to make sure that you keep a good eye on your propshafts, because they are susceptible to a lot of stress. You have not only shear stress, but torsion as well. Everything also has to be weighted properly, because if a driving shaft is too heavy, it would drag on the other components of the drive train too much.

But enough physics. You need to know how to protect your prop shaft more than you need to know about how all of the mechanics work. There are a few tips that you ought to keep in mind when you’re trying to keep the parts working well for a long time to come.


What’s the top protector of prop shafts everywhere? Why, grease of course! If you’re working on a vehicle that is going to take a heavy beating day to day, then you need to keep those shafts as lubricated as possible. Remember that so much of your vehicle’s movement is going to depend on how well your drive shafts are working. Continue reading “Give Propshaft Maintenance a closer look”

6 Tips For Finding A Great Mechanic

Whether you are looking for auto repair in London, Manchester, or Los Angeles, finding a decent and dependable mechanic can be tough. While there are many skilled and honest mechanics, there are lots of ways in which auto repair technicians can take advantage of their customers. Here are some simple things that you can do to become an informed customer and find a dependable auto shop.

1. Know Your Vehicle

The most vulnerable consumers in this industry are the ones that are least familiar with the inner workings of automobiles. While it is true that cars can be complicated, it is also true that they all operate on roughly the same principles. Though the world of engine mechanics is a wide one and full of diversity, consumers need only know the basics of auto repair and a few specifics regarding their personal vehicles to greatly decrease their vulnerabilities.

2. Get Your Hands Dirty

Learning about your vehicle and how it works takes time. Enlist the help of a friend that knows his or her way around an engine and be willing to get your hands dirty. There are books that are printed for every vehicle that clearly outline the steps to diagnose and repair almost anything. Doing simple repairs or maintenance yourself can be a fantastic way to get to know your vehicle and save on labor costs.

3. Ask Your Friends for Advice

The odds are good that you know several people that own vehicles. Odds are even better that those people have been forced to get some kind of auto repair done by a professional mechanic. Ask them about their experiences. There are several questions that you can ask that can help you find the best mechanics in your area:

  • Which mechanics have done the best work for you?
  • Have you felt slighted by any repair shops? If so, which ones and why?
  • Have you ever used a mechanic that did extra work for free?
  • Does your mechanic explain the problems thoroughly before doing the work?
  • Have you ever had to take your vehicle back to the shop because there were still problems? If so, what was that experience like?

4. Look for a Guarantee or Warranty

Most respectable shops offer some kind of guarantee on the work that they do. If a shop is not willing to guarantee their work, you should probably look elsewhere. Be careful of the guarantee, though. It is not always what it seems to be. Read the fine print when entering into an agreement with any mechanic. Continue reading “6 Tips For Finding A Great Mechanic”

74% of cars buyers would not consider buying a car that has recently been recalled

A survey by OSV Ltd suggests that car buyers are less likely to buy a car that has recently been recalled. The survey also shows that Toyota is the brand most remembered when considering car recalls.

London, UK (3 July, 2015) – OSV LtdAn overwhelming 74 percent of the UK population said they would not consider buying a car that had been recently recalled. According to the survey carried out by OSV Ltd, car sales for Toyota could be the most affected as 27% of the survey respondents named Toyota as a car brand that had suffered from recalls.

But, when asked if generally they cared about the unprecedented amount of car recalls, 68 percent of respondents answered no and only 32 percent answered yes. That being said if you’re current car has escaped being recalled or you’re not on the look out for a new car, it’s fair to say that you probably aren’t interested in the millions of other cars out there that have been recalled.

Interestingly, only 22 percent of men would consider a car that had been recalled whereas 35 percent of women would consider buying a car that had recently been affected. Another surprising insight found is that a whopping 91 percent of 18-24 year olds would not consider a car that had been recalled, with only 9 percent admitting they would consider a recalled vehicle.

The figures also show that those between the age of 55-64 are most interested in the car recall crisis with 33% admitting they care. On the other end, those that cared the least were between the ages of 35-44, with only 14% stating that they care.

54 percent of those surveyed said they could not name a car or brand that had recently been recalled. But some of the cars and brands that were mentioned include Toyota (27%), Honda (5.7%), Renault (3.8%), Nissan (3.8%), Ford (1.9%) and Vauxhall (1.9%). Unfortunately for Toyota, the Yaris and Prius were the cars most mentioned, followed by the Civic, Clio, Captur and Micra.

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Top 5 Car Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

There will be times when you need to take your car to a professional if you want to get the upholstery cleaned or repaired. Hey, life happens. Kids or animals may toss their cookies in the back seat. You might spill your coffee when someone cuts you off on the freeway. And even regular wear and tear can lead to literal tears in the fabric or leather of your upholstery. In these cases you simply might not have the expertise to get your seats back in ship-shape. But for the most part, the average car owner can clean and maintain car upholstery in the meantime, combatting the dust, dirt, grime and aging that occur naturally. And here are just a few tips to help you keep your vehicle’s interior looking new for years to come.

Set up a schedule. Just as you likely clean the exterior of your car on a regular basis (once a week, once a month, or “as needed”), you should set up a schedule for cleaning and maintenance on the interior. This will ensure that dust and dirt don’t have the opportunity to settle into cracks and crevices, that stains don’t go untreated, that leather remains conditioned, and that everything is protected from the elements.

Clear the clutter. The first step towards ensuring that your upholstery remains clean is to clear away all the junk that builds up in the interior of your car. This means tossing any trash, pulling out the pile of CDs and jackets that has grown over the last month, and vacuuming every inch of the interior. You’ll want to get down in the seats in order to ensure that every crumb of fast food is sucked up in your shop vac so it never has the chance to fester and damage your seats or create lingering odors.

Treat stains. If your car features upholstery that is synthetic fabric, microfiber, or another textile, chances are it won’t be long before you find yourself trying to treat stains. Luckily, there are plenty of options. While you can certainly shell out the money for solvents specifically for car interiors (and you may want to if you’ve got hard-to-clean fabrics like microsuede, for example), most automobile upholstery is built to last, and durable as it is, it will easily stand up to just about any cleanser you throw at it (aside from bleach). So if you’re looking to save a few bucks, try your average fabric stain remover, like Shout. It should work fine for most stains. Continue reading “Top 5 Car Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance Tips”