Monroe shock absorbers

A shock absorber is a device for damping and absorbing shock impulses caused by the contact between the car’s wheels and the road. This is achieved by converting the kinetic energy of the impact into heat. Shock absorbers are used mainly for safety reasons, but also provide comfort for the passengers.

Shock absorbers allow to keep the vehicle’s tires on the road most of the time, which is crucial for handling. Changing lanes at high speed would be extremely dangerous without them. They also help the car to maintain a stable position when accelerating or braking. When you suddenly accelerate, the majority of the weight of the car goes to the back wheels, thus reducing the adhesion of the front wheels to the roadway. The same thing happens with the back wheels when you brake. If there were no shock absorbers your car would probably flip over in either case.

There are three main types of shock absorbers differentiated by its filling: hydraulic (oil-filled), gas and mixed (combining the two substances). The hydraulic type provides better comfort for passengers, but it is not recommended for bad roads nor high speed riding, because there is a high risk of oil overheating in both cases.

The mixed shock absorber is rougher then the hydraulic one, but its upside is the impossibility of oil overheating, because it also has liquid nitrogen inside. It is the ideal shock absorber for roads that are not in the best condition. Although they are expensive, mixed shock absorbers’ lifetime is also longer. Gas shock absorbers are considered to be the roughest type; however, they also provide the biggest stability for the car on any road. Their downside is a bigger pressure endured by the car’s body.

The type of shock absorber is a personal preference and Monroe provides all three of them. The solid construction of Monroe shock absorbers, using the most recent technologies, ensures comfortable and safe riding on any type of roadway.

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Schlieckmann bumpers

A bumper is a bar attached to the front and rear parts of a car that absorbs impact if the vehicle collides with an obstacle. It is a specific type of a buffer (used on railway systems). Most modern bumpers are made of metal (such as steel or aluminum), fiberglass or plastic. In any case, the bumper is usually covered with a layer of plastic for decorative purposes.

Bumpers are usually designed to protect the body and other components of car on low speed (for example, when parking). The impact absorption is not enough to guarantee the safety of the passengers when riding at high speed. However, the use of flexible materials has allowed reduction of the risk of injury of pedestrians and bikers involved in a collision with a car.

An important factor regarding bumpers is its height from the road surface. A mismatch between the bumper heights of two vehicles can result in severe consequences if there is a collision. First of all, if a smaller vehicle slides under a larger one, the safety of the passengers is at risk. Even at low speeds serious injuries might occur, such as head trauma. Also, a height mismatch will probably lead to damage of the bodies of both vehicles; while the bumpers remain intact (the whole purpose of a bumper is lost in that case). Finally the bumper impact usually activates the airbags and other protection systems.

There are safety regulations that determine the maximum impact a bumper must take, without endangering the car’s safety systems. Usually, after low-speed collisions, the bumper can be repaired. However, if you had a serious accident and you have to replace the bumper, make sure that the new one complies with the safety regulations, like the Schlieckmann bumpers do. Schlieckmann bumpers are made of the best materials available that maximize your security and protect your car.

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