Race Cars

One of the fastest ever race cars is the SVJ, which stands for the Super Veloce Jota. This is a model of the Lamborghini that is designed to have the speed needed for race-track style racing. The SVJ holds the top record for laps on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, a famous track in Germany. The record time that it holds is 6:44.97.

Super Veloce Jota

So let’s move forward in discussing the engine that the fastest sports car has installed inside it. The engine is a 6.5-liter V12 with titanium inlet valves, and it also features a light flywheel that has less friction. The rpm is 8700 which creates up to 759bhp. Even better now, the torque reaches to about 5500rpm for the Aventador SV, but SVJ holds more torque with a much smoother ride. The curves are a bit more flattering as well.

With so many light body components, including the wheels on the car, this car has more potential in having better speed on the track. The car weighs in at about 1525 kg, which is quite the ideal weight for a sports car. Test driving this car when you visit a forsalecarsuk, you will surely be able to experience how lightweight and easy to drive this model is. Many sports car buyers fall in love with the speed and how smooth the driving experience is for this car. Keep in mind that the weight for the SVJ is 200kg more than what was expected when it was tested on the scales the previous year, considering the components.

The SVJ has quite fitting four wheel drive steering. With its impressive aerodynamics, you can expect lots of improvement in this department alone, including the newly designed air inlets and aero channel features. These are some of the features that awarded the SVJ in obtaining the highest lap score at the Nurburgring circuit.

The downforce of the SVJ has been said to be 40% higher than the Aventador S. Some more of the features that play a large role in its super performance include the large intakes for air in the sides, a large rear wing, a vortexed underbody with a consistent rear diffuser. There are only about 900 of the SVJ cars currently available to purchase, which means you won’t see many of them on the roads. When comparing prices and shopping this car, you can expect to pay £360,000 for this car.

Additionally, with the SVJ model, you will find that it has a stiffness of about 50% higher within the anti-roller compared to its inferior match, the Aventador SV. Suspension on this car is also 15% better in quality. With the better suspension, the experience of how well the car drives on the track makes it a complete dream for race car drivers. The exhaust system that has been redesigned from the previous model, has less back pressure.

One of the most impressive upgrades is the seven speed automated to manual gear mechanism, which makes it easy to switch speeds.