What will the Future hold for our Car Technology?

Whenever a new car comes out there seems to be some new technology that it has. Whether it is to make it easier to drive, safer or more efficient, there are many rapid changes going on. There is set to be even more changes in the future and some of these possibilities are discussed below.

YourParkingSpace took a look at the new technologies that are just in their initial stages to see what might come onto the car market in the future and an infographic has been put together in order to demonstrate this. With driverless cars and Internet connected vehicles the possibilities are very exciting but there could be a lot more changes than just these.

Exterior of the Car

Now that we can unlock our smartphones with our fingerprints, it is likely that this technology will soon be put into cars as well. This means that we may be able to do away with our keys and have even more secure vehicles.


Safety is something that everyone will welcome improvements in. Sensors are being designed to help monitor the surroundings of a car and in the future it is likely that they will be able to analyse whether an accident is imminent and override driver controls to prevent the car hitting things.


In some areas theft is a big problem for cars and drivers want to be as protected as possible from this. Already there are some cars which can shut down if they detect that they have been stolen and this is something which could be fitted to all cars in the future to make a theft of a car completely pointless.

Brakes which are charged

To give more power to the brakes, it is possible to charge them ready for when they are needed. It is very likely that this will become more popular as well as brakes being able to be automatically used if the car senses danger of a crash. There may also be technology to tighten seatbelts if the car detects a potential collision.


Many cars already have cameras to help with parking but extra cameras to see all the way around the car will not only help with parking but with pulling out of junctions where sight is obscured or or spotting hazards that are difficult to see.

Electric Batteries

We have already seen a big advance in batteries and more cars being powered on electric and this is likley to continue to be the case. Batteries are now getting faster at charging, lighter and have a better range. Some manufacturers including Peugeot, VW and Audi are already planning on having electric only ranges by 2020 and so it is likely that others will follow suit.

Driverless Technology

This is something which is already being looked into but it is likely that it will happen a lot sooner than we might thing. It could just be used for parking the vehicle but it could be used to get the car to pick you up from somewhere or to drive you to places. This will have a huge impact on how we use our cars.

Energy Storage Capability

It is thought that it could be possible to store energy in the body panels of the car. This is already being tested with light weight panels storing the energy and then feeding back to the engine when required. The energy can come from solar panels or regenerative braking technology.


The inside of cars will soon all have Internet capability. This will mean that passengers will easily be able to access all of their social media sites and have all entertainment easily available to them as well.

Heads-Up Display

Many cars already have a heads-up display but this will be developed to included traffic updates, direction, weather and other information. They will also be interactive so the driver can choose what they want to be able to see.

In Car Apps

Wi-fi in cars will allow passengers to have access to all sorts of apps which they are travelling. There will also be driving apps which could include information about parking and traffic. It will also be possible to link in to your calendar and contacts so that you can easily let people know where you are and find out where you should be.


It is quite possible that health monitoring might become a feature in cars soon. Sensors could be installed which will help to monitor tiredness and stress levels to make sure that the driver stays safe and it could even be used to predict heart attacks or infections.