Mobility-Friendly vehicles give You the Freedom You truly deserve

If you’re one of the fortunate people that have a circle of friends and family willing to take you anywhere and everywhere that you need to go, Motability probably isn’t on top of your mind right now. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people relying on public transportation, taxis, and flaky handlers to get their day to day errands taken care of. While this works for a while, there comes a point where you want to do more than just exist, living from one shopping trip to another. There’s only so many times where you can get excited about buying milk, for example.

The Motability allowance gives people the freedom to finally take their lives back through consistent, reliable transportation. Having a motability allowance is powerful, as long as you have options in terms of how to spend your allowance. You want to focus on the future, and being able to get something that’s going to serve your needs well. In addition to this concern, you want to take your allowance to a reputable place. Sadly, there are plenty of bad schemes out there that prey on the sick and disabled, which always breaks our hearts when we hear about it.


That’s why we were excited to check into Inchcape Volkswagen. They are very used to working within the framework of the Motability program, and they can give you more than just the keys to a leased vehicle. They can give you a solid place to get repairs, handle the insurance and road tax issues, address maintenance concerns, and even give you the structure to get a new vehicle every three years.

There are so many different offers and they change from time to time, so it would be best to check out the offers on their site. Just click on the l ink above and they’ll answer more questions on their site, as well as give you a support number to contact to discuss your specific situation.

Imagine being able to wake up and go outside and step into a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, as well as every other point beyond that. It opens up more options for you, your family, any caregiver that signs on to help…the future really starts looking bright, doesn’t it? You deserve this, so check it out right away.