Top Tips For Passing Your Driving Test

The decision to separate the theory part of the driving test from the practical part at least spares prospective drivers the grief of having to sit two tests at once. The practical test is the one most people find most challenging, so here are some tips for passing it.

Remember nobody will die if you fail

That may sound flippant, but the worst that can happen if you fail your test is that you have to retake it. That may be something you would prefer to avoid, but its hardly the worst outcome in the world. Keep the test in perspective.

Remember the aim of the test is to assess you not to trick you

All a driving test aims to do is to ensure that you have sufficient ability to handle a car on a public road without damaging yourself or anybody else. You do not have to get everything right to pass, nobody expects you to be perfect.

Take the test when you feel ready

The whole point of the driving test is to check that you are able to drive alone. If you dont feel ready to take the test then you are not ready to drive alone. Part of driving is about knowing the Highway Code and relevant laws and part of it is about technical skills but most of it is about being able to stay calm and apply common sense while on public roads.

Handling mistakes calmly can impress your instructor

Everybody makes mistakes, even professional drivers make mistakes. Beginner drivers are expected to make mistakes, making mistakes is OK. Understand this and you will be well on your way to passing your test.

If you mess up a manoeuvre just tell the examiner you would like to start again. Thats exactly what youd do in real life, just reposition and have another go. Remember that theres a difference between touching a kerb and banging it. Its OK to touch a kerb provided that you can demonstrate you set up the manoeuvre properly, i.e. made the right observations in the right way.

Likewise stalling is OK unless it creates a dangerous situation. Some examiners may even cut candidates a bit of slack at the start of a test as they assume most candidates are going to be nervous to begin with.

Independent driving tests your skills not your memory

If you cant remember the directions, just ask. If you take a wrong turning your examiner will tell you and it will not be a problem unless you have done something dangerous, like turning the wrong way onto a one-way street.

Check the facilities at the test centre before you arrive

Or to put it another way, find out whether or not there are toilets on site and if there arent make sure you make appropriate arrangements before you start the test. If you must start when youre bursting, tell your examiner and if need be they can drive you to where you can go to get relief. So now that you hopefully feel ready – book your test today.