Feeling Limited by the Motability Scheme – Here’s the Missing Piece

Reliable transportation is critical when you’re trying to make the most out of life on every level. While every disability looks different depending on the person, getting from one place to another is something that we all can understand quickly. So, if you’re looking to get a car under the motability scheme, you might be feeling a bit limited. After all, most do assume that they will not be able to find a reliable vehicle that truly fits their lifestyle. Having a caregiver drive you around might get tedious, but it can also be tiresome to find a vehicle that is covered under the plan.

Thankfully, this is where Spire Automotive comes in. They have a wider catalogue of motability vehicles at the ready, including some that you might not have thought about before. If you’re thinking that you’re going to have to walk out with a car that barely seats a driver and a passenger, then it’s time to be pleasantly surprised by the options.

Did you know that when you’re eligible to take advantage of your options, you also get insurance and breakdown cover at no extra charge? It’s just one more way that your needs are handled, even when you least expect it.

Speaking of options, there are Audi Motability deals that offer superior legroom as well as cargo capacity. The Q3 is a great example of this. Not only is it eligible for the motability allowance, it will comfortably seat a family as you move from one point to the next in style. It is understood that life with a disability doesn’t mean that you don’t want to enjoy the same features while on the road. Conservation of fuel is important, and the Q3 makes it easier to go longer between fill-ups. When you’re trying to still enjoy life, the last time you want to do with your day is spend it queuing up at the filling station.

The best way to get started is to contact a motability specialist at Spire Automotive who can not only walk you through your options, but give you their undivided attention as you discuss what you really want and desire in a vehicle. At that point, you’re not just someone that has a disability. You’re someone that deserves to be treated with respect, given the proper level of dignity, and exposed to a high level of service. We want you to have that great experience, so get in touch with the team as soon as possible. Good luck!