Check out Inchcape’s High Tech Showroom

Technology buffs and car fans, lend us your ears: the classic showroom is getting a whole new look. Inchcape Volkswagen just launched the largest UK showroom, but save your “wow” for the end of this article. Why? The features are too good to miss. You can see it in person by heading down Capital Interchange Way in Brentford. The facility expanded enough to support 90 cars on four levels.


The inclusive service philosophy is on display here, where everything is offered in-house under one roof. From quality sales servicing to top notch repair, the 70-person-strong team is waiting to take care of customers’ needs in record time.
What’s driving all of this? According to the Director of Volkswagen UK: growth. In order to drive sales, new projects have to be part of the company’s core foundation.

It’s not all high tech glitz, of course: old fashioned attention to customers’ needs is at the heart of the project. The space covers 1.6 acres and has plenty of places for new and old customers alike to sit and look over the selection, or wait for their car to be serviced.

If you go in person, you have to check out the 11 foot movie walls, where the sales team can show unique features of every vehicle offered. Sometimes the visual touch is needed to bring customers into the full experience. It can be frustrating when you’re shopping for a car to not get to see every angle, but this solution should clear that problem up nicely.

Aside from these huge screens, you have some features that play well towards the industry’s overall focus on green initiatives. There is a vertical garden that is well over 230 square metres and links up solar panels to help with the electricity demands of the showroom. Prospective customers can look at the garden while using touchscreens and tablets to search through the selection. Convenience at the click of a button? More like a swipe of the finger these days!

This showroom isn’t just for new cars, of course: there are two floors fully devoted to pre-owned vehicles and each floor encompasses the spirit of ‘Das WeltAuto’.

This West London location is set to be quite the interesting venue to stop by and truly see what Inchcape Volkswagen plans to do for the growth of the brand and the delight of their customers.